Mamma Mia started in 2010 with 6 children and has since grown to 45 kids,
with a main focus on educating children in the English language as well as
preparing them for Grade1 with our Grade RR and Grade R classes.

There are 3 groups of children:
1month - 1 year
2 - 3yrs old
4 - 5yrs old

And each of these groups is treated with individual care and attention.

We have 3 Teachers and a teachers assistant to look after the children and educate them during the course of each day.

The children receive 2 free meals a day .

Mamma Mia was started out of a passion for children and seeing them be prepared for life starting at Grade 1.

We are based in Knysna and have children attending our school from all over town.

We also attempt to make a way for families who cannot afford for their children to attend in the form of helping to find sponsors

for these kids. Please visit our Sponsorship page to find out more.


16 Fitchat street,
knysna, 6571

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